Oct 08, 2015

What you should look for when thinking about moving to a new area

When you are looking for homes there are many options to look at. For example if you have kids in school, a deciding factor would be how far is a school from the home. Finding the correct location for you and your family needs are a huge part in finding a place to live. Choosing the environment to live in, will affect the quality of your life. You will want to pick a location that you see is perfect in your eyes, with that you will have to make the decision of what is most import for you to have.

Nice neighborhood

Sidewalks & Trails

Sidewalks that are maintained shows that you are in good quality neighborhood. If you are an active person who likes to be outside, sidewalks and trails are going to be feature you will want to look at. Depending on where you are moving to, Trails might be as close as your back yard. Find a trail map online for that area, see if you are in walking distance to a trail.

Convenient Geographically

When looking at places to live you should always see how long the commute to works is going to be. Is this location close to the places you are going to visit frequently, or are you going to have to calculate the commute time. Are you moving to a place where you are going to have to fight traffic and count for the commute time. Somethings to keep in mind are how far locations are:

  • grocery store
  • library
  • school
  • church
  • parks
  • Future growth in the area

    One way of looking at moving into an area that is new, is that you will see the growth around you. If you move into a newly developed area that construction is all around you, are you ready for the noise early in the morning when construction workers are out working? Sometimes being land locked people see that parts of their neighborhood not being maintained as well. Compared to a newly developed area you will have nice streets to drive on newly landscaped areas, and new parks in that area.


    When looking a places to live try to visit the area more than once. The reason you should visit the area more than once is you will want to see what the neighborhood is like. When visiting the area, visit at different times of the day as well. You might want to visit the area later at night to see how many people have dogs outside that bark, or see what the noise level is at night. When you are visiting the area think of how it will be when you are trying to sell, are people going to want to buy a property that has a bad odor around the neighborhood.


    One of the most important parts of buy a home is to see what the crime rate is around you home. knowing your crime rate will help you feel safe and show it in the home’s value. There are multiple website where you can pull your crime rate in a given location. Another way to see how the how the crime rate is by going to the neighborhood and seeing if they have a neighborhood watch program and talk to the lead to see how safe an area is.

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