Nov 03, 2015

What to look for when choosing a builder

There are many factors that go into choosing the right builder to build your new home. Is it not a decision to be taken lightly. This home is where you live everyday, where your kids live and learn, it is your home. Therefor who builds your home can make a big impact as to whether you love your home or loath it. Here are some steps to follow when selecting a builder for your new home.

  • Define what you need
  • Experience Matters
  • Are past clients still satisfied
  • Is the builder licensed and insured
  • Does their design and style fit you
  • Service and Warranty
  • Resale value of builders homes
  • Involved in local industry
  • Tour Model and or Customer Homes
  • Look for signs of craftsmanship and quality


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Define what you need: Figure out what type of things you need in your future home and then look for a builder who will best be able to suit those needs. Some builders will work in every level of home building with other only work in specific areas, so find one that will best fit you.

Experience matters: When looking for a building firm experience matter but, many new startup companies are run by seasoned pros who have now branched out on their own. So don’t be too quick to discount the newer companies but there is a lot to be said about experience especially in the type of home you are looking for.

Are past clients still satisfied? Many builders will offer the ability to find references, if not ask. A few questions to ask might be: Would you buy another home from this builder? Or recommend them to close friends or family? It would also be a good idea to ask if there were any instances during the process they had a problem with.

Is the builder licensed and insured?  Make sure that they and you are covered during the building process. Make sure that you work with a licensed builder . Ask about the insurance that the builder and his or her trade contractors carry.

Do they have a design that fits you? A builder who’s entire portfolio consists of colonial styles homes when you may want something more contemporary is probably not the best choice. Find a builder who has home designs you love, once again in your specific type of home.

Warranty and service options: One of the best things about a new home is that everything is new and under some kind of warranty. But look a little further down the road and see if the builder offers some kind of structure warranty that might even transfer to the next owner if the need arises, something around 10 years. Also ask around about the responsiveness of the builders on warranty or issues that have needed to be repaired by others.

Resale Value of builders homes: Look for builders whose homes hold a good resale value. Good builders have a good name and reputation among lenders and relators. They have homes that last and look good after just a few years of wear and tear. If a home that is six months old looks like it has years of wear on it that is probably not a good sign.

Industry Involvement: Look for a builder who is a member of their local builders association. It shows that they are in it for the long haul in the area. They are invested in bigger projects and wanting the communities they build to prosper and continue to grow.

After narrowing down the list of builders from the items above, go look at the homes they have built. Nothing compares to actually seeing first have they quality of work they can do. If it is possible to see a home that has been lived in for a period of time that can be a huge benefit to see how it will weather over time.

Look for quality: As you are able to look at the homes of each builder look for signs of quality, each builder may focus of specific areas of construction pay attention to those. Pay attention to the finest details, they may not seem to matter now but as you live in the home built for you things could see like a bigger deal.

As you consider all of these areas also be on the look out for the quality of people the builder has working for and with them. The quality of people will relate into the quality of home they will ultimately build.

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