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2015 Home Buying Statistics

Published under Tips on 11/20/2015

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What to look for when choosing a builder

Published under Tips on 11/03/2015

There are many factors that go into choosing the right builder to build your new home. Is it not a decision to be taken lightly. This home is where you live everyday, where your kids live and learn, it is your home. Therefor who builds your home can make a big impact as to whether you love your home or Continue Reading »

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The Benefits of a Townhome

Published under Tips on 10/23/2015

The house Lifestyle, with the Condo Convenience! Many homeowners who want to live near city centers choose townhomes as a good mixture of affordability and privacy. Typically a single family home is larger and comes with a yard. Inside cities these can be rare and expensive. Urban condominiums are a popular option, but the owner of a condo only truly Continue Reading »

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What you should look for when thinking about moving to a new area

Published under Tips on 10/08/2015

When you are looking for homes there are many options to look at. For example if you have kids in school, a deciding factor would be how far is a school from the home. Finding the correct location for you and your family needs are a huge part in finding a place to live. Choosing the environment to live in, Continue Reading »

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